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The vision for Strule Shared Education Campus Omagh was inspired by the people of Omagh and surrounding areas.

Throughout 2015 we engaged with a range of stakeholders connected to the project. This included pupils, teaching and non-teaching staff, principals and Governors from each school; Trustees, Councillors and other education community representatives.

We also conducted survey work and contacted feeder primary schools so we could reach out to parents of future students.

This process was to develop an overarching name for the campus.

The broad themes emerging from this feedback were:

  • This is a first
  • A unique project
  • Visionary
  • Innovative and forward thinking
  • A centre of educational excellence
  • This is an opportunity to reposition Omagh in a positive light on a global stage

We synthesised this feedback to develop a brand personality. Naming options were also developed. Broad consultation took place throughout summer 2015 to test the approach. This included conversations with over 100 young people through T:BUC summer schemes, Omagh Youth Council and focus groups involving all six schools. In addition feedback was sought from Principals, School Governors, Trustees, Education Authority, Council and Local MLAs and MPs.

Strule Shared Education Campus Omagh emerged as the preferred option.

From the beginning the Strule has played a key role in the development of the campus, the central boulevard design has taken shape based on how the river curves and meanders through the site.

People liked Strule because it is unique to Omagh, nowhere else in the world can claim to have a river by the same name.

The Strule also transcends time – it is a natural, living thing which was there long before any man made structure, and belongs to everyone in the community; this resonated strongly with the groups and people we talked to.

The energy and movement of the river also evoked a strong reaction – as the water runs through the campus, students will flow through corridors and avenues, learning and broadening their horizons together.

Strule Shared Education Campus is visionary, adventurous and different. Through the ideas and enthusiasm of everyone involved an exciting, vibrant name has emerged which will inspire for generations.