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Our Vision

STRÜLE – where learning through shared experiences enhances the quality of education for all, promotes community cohesion and respects the ethos and identity of each school

The six schools value and support a culture of sharing so that learners have a strong sense of their identity while understanding and respecting others.

Our Priorities and Actions

Developing relationships which support collaboration
(Leadership & Management)

  1. Ethos and Identity within Shared Education
  2. Shared Staff Development

Establishing processes to enable effective sharing

  1. Shared Spaces
  2. Shared Curriculum & Timetable

Securing high quality outcomes for all
(Outcomes for Learners)

  1. Shared Pathways & Transitions
  2. Shared ICT
Our Priorities

Each workstream is divided into a number of tasks. We have developed the IDEAS model to guide staff as they develop their approaches to shared education at Strule. The model enables all staff to translate their ‘ideas’ into real learning experiences for students and staff.

Ideas Model

The Delivering Social Change Shared Education Signature Project has provided support to enable staff to develop their own shared education projects to prepare for the transition to the campus. This support will ensure that staff and students are building relationships with other schools before the campus opens.

Strule Activate
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